Introduce your students to analog systems with the Analog System Lab Kit PRO (ASLK PRO). The kit is designed for easy integration into your classroom for undergraduate or postgraduate curriculum and provides students with the platform bed they need to test almost any analog system using general-purpose ICs such as OP-Amps and analog multipliers.


Part I - Learning the basics

In the fi rst part, the students will be exposed to the operation of the basic building blocks of analog systems. Using the general purpose operational amplifi ers and the precision analog multiplier, the student will build gain stages, buffers, instrumentation amplifi ers and voltage regulators. These experiments bring out several important issues, such as measurement of gain-bandwidth product, slew-rate, as well as saturation limits of the operational amplifi ers.

Part II - Building analog systems

In the second part, the students will be focused on learning about analog systems. Integrators and differentiators will be introduced, which are essential for implementing fi lters that can band-limit a signal prior to the sampling process to avoid aliasing errors.

Everything that an analog engineer needs


The Analog System Lab Kit PRO (ASLK PRO) provides students exposure to the fascinating world of analog and mixed-signal processing. The kit comes with 14 step-by-step experiments and the course can be adapted for an undergraduate or postgraduate curriculum. As part of the lab course, students will build analog systems using analog ICs and study their macro models, characteristics and limitations.


ASLK PRO Kit comes in/with:

  • Damage resistant protective box.
  • ASLK PRO board in antistatic bag.
  • Manual, Schematic and Graph paper book.
  • Wire jumpers, transistors and diodes.
  • 14 Lab experiments* catered towards Analog Circuits.

Concepts Covered

  • Negative feedback in amplifiers.
  • Building instrumentation amplifier.
  • Understanding transient response, frequency response, DC transfer characteristics.
  • Hysteresis in switching circuits.
  • Integrators & differentiators.
  • Filters & frequency response, tuning filters.
  • Function generator design, voltage controlled oscillator.
  • Phase lock loop functionality.
  • Automatic gain / volume control.
  • Characteristics of DCDC converter.
  • Design and study low dropout regulator.

Analog System Lab Kit PRO

14 step-by-step lab exercises

  • Negative feedback amplifi ers.
  • Instrumentation amplifier.
  • Regenerative feedback system, astable and monostable multivibrator.
  • Integrators and differentiator circuits.
  • Analog filters.
  • Self-tuned filter.
  • Function generator and voltage-controlled oscillator/FM generator.
  • Phase Lock Loop (PLL).
  • Automatic gain control (AGC). Automatic volume control (AVC).
  • DC-DC converter.
  • Low dropout (LDO) regulator.
  • LDO integrated circuit.
  • Digitally controlled gain stage amplifier.
  • Digitally programmable square and triangular wave generator/oscillator.