HealthPi is another educational product from DST team. This is a modular ECG acquisition kit based on raspberry Pi and Health platform. The Kit comes with clear insutructions for assembling the components. No soldering is needed. It is an Arduino nano + Raspberry PI combo for data acquisition and comes with Python Raspberry Pi Code, Arduino Data acquisition code and Health education Android App with code. This is great to learn IoT and build your cool cardio monitoring with raspberry pi. With this kit you get:

  1. One Raspberry Pi Model B
  2. One Arduino nano
  3. Two Micro USB Cables
  4. Raspberry Pi resistive touch screen
  5. Single lead ECG acquisition module
  6. Rasberry PI interfacing code, Arduino Code, Android Code for data acquisition and processing+Health platform API.
  7. Jumper Cables
  8. Instruction sets for assembling


Healthduino is a UNO + heart monitoring platform. It is an Assembly do it yourself product with clear instructions of assembling. No soldering required. Jumper wires are provided with modules for you to easily connect. It comes with complete Arduino code for data acquisition. Now make your own ECG capture device within minutes and display them on screen. It is ideal for academic projects and firmwire development. The package comes with instructions guide and Android app for data capture and processing.

  • One Arduino Uno with Header + Cable
  • One resistive Touch Screen
  • One Health heart Module
  • One ECG Cable and Three Electrodes
  • One Arduino Nano
  • One Bluetooth 2.0 module


  1. Health PCB created purely for your academic research
  2. PCB Layout, Schematic, Design Files
  3. Android App for Data Acquisition and Processing With Code
  4. Cloud Analytics, Streaming API lifetime access
  5. Free iPython Kernel
  6. Data processing starter code
  7. Firmware Code
  8. Complete Video Tutorial

Suitable for medical students, Research Scholars, Engineering and Master Students, Hackers and developers