Faculty Development Programs

The Faculty Development program will bring together professors and technical resources in teaching and learning the latest technology. Faculties can be more effective in their teaching process by having practical hands on experience. The main intension of this program is in developing and maintaining professional competences of faculty members.

Faculty Development Programs topics includes:

1. Workshops on IOT Concept,

2. Digital Signal Processing - Image Processing/Video Processing

3. Embedded Systems

4. Robotics System Design

Workshops on IOT Concept
Digital Signal Processing
Embedded Systems
Robotics System Design

Let us also have a quick overview of the top 6 highlights of FDP's, and why faculty from across the world works towards it.

  • Developing skills and preparing students to be ready for industry standards.
  • Trying to push students to be on Top all the time.
  • Network Network Network - Faculties will be connected to industries and real time projects.
  • Finding true interests and Inspiring students.
  • Course Redesigning - In some universities, the primary obstacle to student learning may be found in the design of the course itself. Our FDP's invites faculty to rethink about the way their course is structured, to re-assess the assignments that students are submitting.
  • Exploring multiple ways - Teaching with Technology: Getting Started. Want to employ new instructional technologies, but not sure where to begin or how to proceed? These workshops recommends a step-by-step approach to latest technologies and offers help in getting started.