Internship stories

An internship turning into a job is one of the best and rewarding outcomes of an internship. Not every, but many internships have the possibility of developing into full-time employment. An internship makes the classroom's abstract theories and learned examples concrete by placing the student in a real life work situation with real live co-workers performing actual professional tasks, which the job encompasses.

As Digital Shark offers the “Super Internship Program (SIP)” for many students, allow me to share 5 views around the theme of internship that has made a huge impact.

Story 1

Interning at a start-up has many benefits: If you are interested in technology or think you may want to start a company one day, it's a great way to try out your future career path. I credit my college internship at Digital Shark as what started me off on that path.

- Neetha (JNTUH)

Story 2

I undertook an internship during my final year engineering through an organization called Digital Shark Technology. I wanted to do an internship because I felt that it was absolutely essential to be equipped with the people skills, professional competencies and business acumen that top employers look for in graduate job applications.

I initially heard about the Digital Shark scheme through the Texas Instruments university program service. Through the foundation, I was in a fortunate position to learn technical aspects of development activities. I got internship through three different areas of the business, including corporate communications, technical, and product development.

- Prithvi

Story 3

“I did my internship as a development intern. I am working on improving my technical skills to industrial standards. In addition to that MatLab, process engineering and statistical controls classes are playing important roles in my project to analyze the data and expect the outcomes. My summer 2017 internship at Digital Shark Technology has strengthened my engineering skills and helped me gain huge technical experience in the production process.”

- Krishna Prasad

Story 4

“This summer, I completed a 10-week internship with Digital Shark Technology Pvt Ltd in Bangalore. The program started with a training program to familiarize interns with the business and culture. During Base training, I went through customer service training and spent a full day taking customer phone calls. We also got the opportunity to shadow and assist DST Technicians for two days with understanding customers requirement. Once we completed training, we worked on our final projects and presentations for the remainder of the summer. The internship program culminated in visiting few places in and around Bangalore.. This internship has given me great business and technical experience as well as a love for the beauty of Bengaluru!”

- Amitha G

Story 5

“Digital Shark Technology has provided me with an exceptional internship experience where I've been able to contribute to actual client projects. I've always wanted to find a job that had the perfect balance of working within the tech space and working with people and consulting at DST has certainly fulfilled these expectations. With a fun company culture and continuous learning, this internship has provided me with exposure and training in the quote-to-cash space as well as knowledge within the Sales force platform that will without a doubt help fuel my career after graduation.”

- Robin Joseph