TI's PMLK Pro helps introduce students to low power, non-isolated DC/DC power supplies. The lab kit was developed in partnership with Professor Nicola Femia, a world renowned power expert on the faculty at the University of Salerno in Italy. It is comprised of 24 hands-on exercises based on four key topologies using the kit's five hardware boards.

The experiments cover a variety of possible tests and measurements which can be performed with the boards. The boards have been designed to allow the investigation of the influence of physical parameters and operation conditions of a power supply on its own performances.


PMLK PRO lab manual

The PMLK PRO lab manual, written by ProfessorNicola Femia, is comprised of 24 power labexperiments covering key power topologies. Each chapter has 6 experiments that walk through casestudies demonstrating different aspects of powersupply design tradeoffs:

  • Chapter1: LDO.
  • Chapter 2: Buck.
  • Chapter 3: Boost.
  • Chapter 4: Buck-Boost .


Students will learn the theory behind switching power supplies and linear regulators and delve into issues such as:

  • Modes of Operation.
  • Efficiency.
  • Accuracy.
  • Power Magnetics.
  • Control.
  • Transient Response.