02Sep, 2021
10May, 2020
The Future of AI

The Future is what AI Creates for Us.

Every day, almost every single human is dependent on Automotive Industry for various transportation purposes; it is no concealed fact that we cannot imagine living without them. But with the changing trends and developments in the technology, Automotive Industry has no exception in lagging back.

29Dec, 2019
Analog to Digital: The future of clusters.

Analog to Digital: The future of clusters.

In this era where change is happening every second with digitalisation, the automobile industry is no different. New technologies emerge every day and it's critical to strategize on not just the manufacturer's preference but also the customer’s, to go with the analog maintaining the traditional old school feel or evolve to digital with the ever-growing market. To make a better decision, let's look at the different automobile clusters available in the market.

10Sep, 2019
Telematics technology

What is Telematics? Know about the Modern Insurance technology that is backed by Verizon,Ford and BMW.

Have you people seen the movie Tarzan the wonder car ? Imagine the same car without the ghost inside it. Difference between the car in the movie and yours is just telematics.

23Feb, 2019
Digitizing trends in medical industry.

Digitizing trends in medical industry.

The expanding interconnectedness to automation-technological advancement permits you to decrease the burden. Our entire lives are right now occurring under the protection of overwhelming digitalization in pretty much all circles of life. There are such countless levels to it, as well.