HealthCare industry

Digital Shark specializes in medical product design and development for healthcare industry. Our expert team will assist you through navigating the stringent medical standards while the prior focus would be to provide innovative and tech-savvy solution for better society.

Our Offerings

Modernizing Healthcare Devices

IoT-based custom frameworks that transform traditional healthcare devices into smart devices with latest design and architecture with integrated of cloud, artificial intelligence. We help you create your own brand identity by integrating new technology and industry trends while effectively managing patient and system data to drive healthcare innovation.

Monitor and Manage Devices at the Edge

Enabling Secure and Reliable Connectivity in Medical Equipment. Expertise in providing Integrated edge-based solution for healthcare, you can rely on us to devise innovative solutions that can manage devices remotely and collect profound data from applications that end users generate. Digital Shark specializes in IoT solutions, we can help you in designing medical/edge devices which can collect and analyze the data coming from an array of wearable sensors, vital sign monitors, point of care (POC) equipment, and medication dispensers connected to the Internet, hospital software, and each other. In an era driven by disruptive technologies, medical device majors can leverage digitalization to streamline several core processes including quality management, value chain mapping, and FDA compliance. We believe a robust vendor ecosystem is vital for a sustainable and reliable healthcare organization.

Remote monitoring

Custom built solutions for remote monitoring, help with visibility to a patient’s health status, facilitates cross-care team collaboration, enables trained healthcare professionals the ability to monitor and program a large number of edge devices from anywhere in the world, with real-time response. By utilizing the telehealth connection, they can reduce the number of bedside visits they perform to check the patient’s condition and reduce their exposure to infected patients.

Scalable solutions

Robust solution architecture, with feasibility to increase product performance as well as cloud-based IT infrastructure to satisfy the varying requirements.

Secure Healthcare Data

protects sensitive data and systems by encrypting data according to latest cybersecurity standards that embeds security into IT infrastructure to deliver protection at scale.


Expertise in providing healthcare solutions with a 360-degree view across patients, clinicians, doctors, hospitals to develop innovative medical devices using cutting-edge technology for Hardware as well as Firmware design with integrated cloud-based mobile and web applications for every kind of end user.

Engineering and R&D services

We provide healthcare engineering services globally. we collaborate with many healthcare product-based companies across the world and also work as an extended R&D team in providing turnkey solutions.

Key Benefits


DIGITAL SHARK works with the latest technologies in healthcare industry such as QT/Embedded Wizard for the front-end design of a medical device. Experience with multiple semiconductor chips in the hardware to deliver the most reliable solution.


We build software and hardware solutions that meet industry-specific standards and regulations: HIPAA, EMI/EMC, FDA, BIS, HSA Etc. for the products.


we have critical knowledge about the healthcare industry as we have provided our engineering services to many companies across the globe. We realize the competitive pressures on cost, quality, and performance of critical medical devices; necessary certifications; and evolving customer expectations.


We have a core expert team for each department: hardware, software, cloud technologies. With our team expertise, we can bring clinical expertise and technology know-how to create and implement performance improvement programs to help you create an exceptional healthcare experience.

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