10Feb, 2020
Smart Instrument Cluster With Built In Telematics for Off-Road Vehicle.

Smart Instrument Cluster With Built In Telematics for Off-Road Vehicle.


As a trusted embedded technology partner, we at Digital Shark Technology have developed an end-to-end automotive Smart Instrument Cluster With Built In Telematics for a major OEM of Off-Road vehicles.

Business Challenge:

The instrument cluster is the driver‘s workplace, therefore the requirement is an ideal display that is flexibly customizable and includes enhanced safety features. Hence this system needs to communicate with several ECUs to fetch and display various real time parameters of the vehicle. Digital Shark Technology developed a Scalable Smart Instrument cluster platform with Rich Visual-Experience and Secure Cloud Connectivity.

Project Scope:

  • Hardware development.
  • Firmware development.
  • Enclosure Design.
  • Cloud Architecture.
  • Web Dashboard.
  • Mobile App.
Details Description
Hardware Design Tools PADS, Orcad 16.6, View Mate 11.18.1
Firmware & UI Design Tools Yocto, QT
Mechanical Design Tools Solid works, Catia
Cloud Design Tools AWS, MERN Stack Data streaming using MQTT: Kafka, zookeeper and RabbitMq Redux, Redis, mailgun MongoDB

Digital Shark Solution: TFT Instrument cluster with built-in telematics:

The team built a complex solution for automotive sector which is an improvement of analog/semi digital clusters. Our cross-functional expertise in Embedded and IOT technology added value to our client’s product roadmap.

Following are the details of the solution:

Details Description
PCB 6 layer PCB
Display 7” TFT-LCD with cover lens.
ECU Communication Protocol: CAN 2.0B (J1939)
In-display Navigation: GNSS for Navigation
Connectivity: 4G-LTE with fallback to 3G and 2G,
Other interfaces: BT / BLE / Wi-Fi / USB-OTG / Ethernet / RS-485
Camera Interfaces: Dual IP camera interface (Both Front and Rear)
Sensors Interface: Analog, Digital & Discrete
Memory: SD-Card
Operating Voltage: 12 VDC/24 V DC

Digital shark Impact:

  • Custom design developed in compliance with Industry standards.
  • Flexibility to Integrate additional features as per requirement.
  • Rich user experience with custom built UI/UX using QT/QML.
  • Less distraction with situation specific display of information .
  • Cloud based tracking enabled by GSM & LTE. In-built Navigation with maps. Enhanced connectivity with Bluetooth and USB interface.