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Digital Shark technology aims to be a key player in Digitizing the Manufacturing Industries with its Innovative Industry 4.0 Solutions, which provides remote monitoring of legacy ,analog and digital machines leading to Increase in OEE, reduce machine break-down, Optimize power consumption and tool outages.

"End-to-End IoT solution, which will connect the plant floor to the Cloud enterprise to analyse, optimize and increase performance of Industrial equipment, Machines with aid of sensors and actuators improving end-to-end business processes".

Our Offerings


We provide information-intensive transformation of manufacturing in a connected environment for Industry 4.0. Our solutions for industries using big data of machines, operators, processes, services, systems and IoT-enabled industrial assets which will capture actionable data and information as a way and means to realize smart industry and ecosystems of industrial innovation and collaboration.


IoT enables organisations to obtain real-time data based on RFID, beacons, sensors and wireless communication protocols, which is critical for future event planning. IoT and smart planning enable firms and many other industries develop quickly.​ Management can use real-time information and analytics to better their company operations, maintain track of their assets and by adding IoT, while also increasing the potential for greater returns on investments.

Predictive Maintenance

Uncover patterns hidden in operational data to minimize production defects, reduce waste, and repair or replace machinery parts before failures occur. Digital Shark can assist and define through intelligent, integrated technological solutions which consist of Smart sensors, controllers, HMI interfaces shall reduce human errors in the manufacturing process to accomplish optimal business results.

Key Benefits


We are aware of the challenges the manufacturing industry is facing such as decrease in operator efficiency, increase rejection ratio, unscheduled machine down-time, raw material planning which will lead to reduce in OEE. We have competencies to help you achieve digital transformation and improve OEE to remain ahead of the curve.


Our team can support in building custom solutions for Industry from the ground up or fill in any knowledge gaps in digitizing your manufacturing plants.


DIGITAL SHARK works with the latest technologies available for complete solution design and competency to work in embedded hardware, firmware, and web application design-development.


We develop solutions that meet industry-specific standards and regulations as per our clients’ requirement.

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