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Digital Shark Technology offers vast range of innovative electronic products for Automotive Industry. We provide custom built auto-grade electronic solutions in Embedded Systems, IoT, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Power Electronics. Leveraging our expertise will minimize your time-to-market, reduce BoM cost, and enhance over-all product reliability.

Our Offerings

Connected Mobility Digital cockpit

User centric design and Domain specific approach for delivering competencies to OEMs for next-generation technologies like connected vehicles with integrated GSM, LTE, Bluetooth, GPS, GNSS and NFC. Digital Shark provides engineering services to develop Digital instrument clusters, Infotainment systems, and custom built TFT based Display Solutions.

Telematics Control Unit

An optimal solution for real time vehicle tracking using GPS and optimized delivery process integrated with Cloud based Web dashboard and Mobile App.

Service Management

A cloud-based solution for OEM/Dealers for automotive industry, built on a leading cloud platform to deliver seamless experience at dealership and all customer touch points enabling vehicle servicing, spare parts management.

OTA Updates

Solutions to deliver remote services like Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates downloaded autonomously in safe mode and designated times on demand, Fleet tracking, Vehicle diagnostics Etc.

Key Benefits


We have a core expert team for each department: hardware, software, cloud technologies. With our team expertise, we can bring expertise and technology know-how to create and implement performance improvement programs to help you create an exceptional experience Automotive product development process.


We have a detailed understanding of the compliances for all category of vehicles including EV’s and provide the highest possible physical and data security protection. We follow design standards for ISO 26262 - Road vehicles – Functional safety - ISO 16750, Road vehicles—Environmental conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment - DIN 40050-9/ IEC 60529/ISO/DIS 20653 Road vehicles; degrees of protection (IP-code); protection against foreign objects; water and contact; electrical equipment - AIS-140; AIS-004 – Automotive vehicle – requirements for electromagnetic compatibility. - ECE R10 – Automotive EMC testing

Domain Knowledge

We are well versed with the challenges of the automotive industry: competitive pressures on cost, quality, and creating unique brand identity; strengthened regulations and enhancing customer expectations.


DIGITAL SHARK develops cluster modules and system boards, implements deep learning algorithms, integrates sensors, and connects with the cloud.

Technology Stack

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