18Aug, 2021
Control Unit for Ramp System - Avionics

Control Unit for Ramp System - Avionics.


As a trusted embedded technology partner, we at Digital Shark Technology have developed a Control Unit for helicopter Ramp System for a major US based medical device manufacturer.

Business Challenge:

Control units are sophisticated and complex assemblies to control both filigree and heavy-duty aircraft functions. The ramp system of the helicopter is managed and controlled by such a control unit, which is connected to the ramp and hatch actuators, the cabin and cockpit control panels.

Project Scope:

  • Hardware development.
  • Firmware development.
Details Description
Hardware Design Tools Eagle 7.6.0, Gerber-View mate 11.18.1

Digital Shark Solution: Control Unit for Ramp System of helicopter

The team built a are sophisticated and complex assemblies to control both filigree and heavy-duty aircraft functions with our cross-functional expertise in Embedded systems and power electronics.

Following are the details of the solution:

Details Description
PCB 10 layer PCB
No of Boards Power Supply Unit & Controller Board
Control mechanism Converting 3 Phase AC(400Hz) to 400V DC 3A, through EPWM Mosfet Converting 400VDC to 48VDC 20A,28VDC 1A through EPWM Mosfet Converting 3 Phase AC to 5VDC 6A through SMPS"
Measurement 3 Phase voltage measurement3 Phase Current measurement 400VDC,48VDC,28VDC voltage measurement DC current measurement through ADC"
Fault indication: Over voltage,Over current,Reverse current
External communication SPI interface with motor control board
Sensors Interface: Temperature sensor
Operating Voltage: 3 Phase AC 115V,400Hz

Digital shark Impact:

  • Generation of supply voltages for the logic devices, 28VDC and 48VDC for the Ramp and Hatch motors.
  • Monitoring and Regulation of Output Voltages.
  • Surge Protection against high Input Voltages.
  • Overcurrent Protection + Inrush Current limitation.
  • Output short-circuit and Overload Protection.
  • Power Factor better than 0.9 at full load.