embedded systems

Embedded systems are the prime factors on which manufacturers and OEMs rely upon to deliver innovative solutions. Using electronic components and software that are simple to integrate and enhance the features to improve the performance, reliability, and compliances.

"Digital shark has extensive experience designing embedded and critical systems for clients, combining hardware and software options to create zero-fault, flexible and certifiable components"

Our Offerings


Embedded Design experts provide support in complete electronic hardware design activities which include schematic design, bill of material finalization, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, prototyping, testing, certification, and production support


A wide range of software services related to embedded systems programming and real-time embedded system software development are provided such as boot loader, development of board support packages, device drivers, firmware, and diagnostics. Digital Shark has proficiency in Yocto Linux, Embedded Linux, WinCE, GUI development, OS porting, Embedded app development, feature enhancements, porting of protocol stack and development of wireless stack.


Many high-speed and complicated designs today require the integration and flexibility that SENSORS can provide. Digital Shark offers the knowledge and capabilities to meet any stage of the product life cycle including sensor integration, sensor data fusion, testing, bring-up and architecture changes.


The business and technical knowledge required to provide enterprises with a variety of services Digital Shark offers connectivity solutions which includes business processes, applications and infrastructure that are built using BT/BLE, Wi-Fi, NFC, 3G/4G-LTE/5G, LoRa, RFID, Proprietary RF, USB, Ethernet, Optical & Serial/Parallel.

Mechanical Design Services

3D modelling and fast prototyping techniques are used to satisfy mechanical design requirements for product engineering in order to give early user experience during the product development cycle. Digital shark assists to meet the mechanical engineering needs for New Product Development. also specializes in re-engineering and take down analysis for the purpose of extending the life of a product.


Digital Shark is pioneer in providing High level solutions related to the field of Power electronics. We focus on providing high quality solutions in Power electronics, Industrial Automation system, Battery Chargers Etc. Solutions provided for a wide variety of applications as per customer requirements.

Key Benefits


Advanced security features (on chip and design firmware) to help secure the systems from emerging threats


Provide Expert solutions on top semiconductor chips such as TI, NXP, ST, Infineon and cypress

Domain Expertise

Strong domain expertise across multiple industries Medical, Automotive and Consumer electronics, industrial & aerospace products

Laboratory facility

State of the art laboratory infrastructure which includes high speed Digital/ Power/ Mixed Signal Hardware Lab & RF Lab

Technology Stack

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