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CLOUD SOLUTIONS demands a challenging architecture to offer web & mobile applications at high speeds with predictable maintenance. When engaging on this journey, cloud solutions methodology are critical foundations.

"Digital shark provides clients with the tools and methodologies they need to improve the agility, flexibility, scalability and security of their highly suitable solutions for specific needs."

Our Offerings


Customized Web Application Development for all niches to enhance, modernise, optimise and transform B2B & B2C portals with multi-tenancy.


To improve application speed, security and scalability, We provide integration supports to major cloud computing service providers such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Prior to integration, the app can be customized or refactored as per requirement.


We provide end to end full scale product development services with the landscape of innovation and ease of user experience.


IoT web and mobile custom solutions for automotive, health care, marine and industrial applications. Digital Shark provides Web-based tools for managing IoT devices, streaming, processing and analysing data. We design tools for managing digital data, assets, and workflows management.


Social network integrations, timeline feeds and stream of feeds for any purpose - from small solutions for corporate needs to large-scale platforms.


Integration of the mapping platform for high-value-added applications enabled with geofencing, accurate position data, and asset tracking in the automotive and healthcare industries.

Key Benefits

Intuitive Design and User experience

We present content with clarity, so that users with different navigation preferences, browsing patterns, and accessibility needs find their way around your app and complete actions faster.


The front-end development team engages with UX/UI designers and back-end professionals to create software architecture that scales for any load and handles any rise in traffic naturally as business priorities evolve.

Latest Technologies and Architecture

We ensure frontend and backend development for each solution by using advanced, production tested technologies and precise scalable architecture and tech refinement in concert with load testing.


Our Solutions are protected by the most reliable techniques (ensuring data security in transit and at rest) and can securely communicate data between heterogeneous app components.

Cloud Optimization

We will review your cloud environment to help you evaluate your app/system and provide recommendations on how to optimize its total cost of ownership. What is more, we will optimize the cloud architecture, enhance the solution's availability and uptime to maximize ROI.

Application Support & maintenance

We provide unmatched maintenance services to enhance your web application performance. Precisely aimed to ensure that applications are highly available, reliable and relevant to evolving business needs


Our Quality assurance aims to deliver the highest standards of customer service and maintaining these standards by continuous evaluation and resolution processes. This process also allows us to identify malfunctions and to improve customer services


Interactive approach that leads to the development of an application with the complete cycle process with Reduction of risks, Faster development & Lower cost of development

Landscape of Tech Stack

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