• Embedded systems development services
  • Industry 4.0 solution
  • Web and cloud application development services
  • Smart IoT solutions

Digital shark Technology combines technical expertise with business intelligence to accelerate and bridge the gap between technology and the requirments of our clients.

"Digital Shark Technology is the brainchild of Product marketing and Product design & services with proven track record in sales & marketing, managing & executing challenging projects on Embedded, Hardware and Software assignments to the satisfaction of clients."

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Hardware Design

Electronic Circuit Design / Printed Circuit Board Design / Board Bring-up / Prototyping / Production Support / FPGA Design / PCB Simulations / Enclosure Design

Embedded Software

Firmware Development / Middleware and Custom Drivers / UI / UX Design / Embedded OS / Embedded Applications / IoT Applications / Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IoT WAN’s / LPWAN

IoT Solutions

IoT Medical Products / Industrial 4.0 solutions / Data Monitoring / Predictive Maintenance Solutions / IoT Gateway Solutions

Web & Mobile Solutions

Enterprise Web & Mobile App / IoT wearables App / Social Networks / Fleet Management Solutions / AI/ML App / Payment gateway Integration / Web Dashboards / E-commerce App

Cloud Solutions

Cloud App Development / Cloud Integration and Optimization / Cloud Deployment / Cloud Migration / IoT Cloud App

HMI Solutions

Automotive HMI’s / Digital Instrument Cluster / Industrial HMI’s / Medical HMI’s / Custom Display solutions

Medical & Health Care Industry

Medical & Health Care Industry

Digital Shark specializes in medical product design and development for healthcare industry. Our expert team will assist you through navigating the stringent medical standards while the prior focus would be to provide innovative and tech-savvy solution for better society.

  • Expertise in end-to-end product design i.e., Hardware design, Firmware development & Software Applications.
  • Remote Monitoring & Controlling Solutions by Leveraging IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Cloud Technologies to provide customized best-fit solution addressing your requirements.
Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Digital Shark Technology offers vast range of innovative electronic products for Automotive Industry. We provide custom built auto-grade electronic solutions in Embedded Systems, IoT, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Power Electronics. Leveraging our expertise will minimize your time-to-market, reduce BoM cost, and enhance over-all product reliability.

  • IoT based Digital Instrument Clusters / Digital HMI’s, with In-built Telematics which offers premium user experience & remote monitoring via Web based Dashboard and Mobile Application for all category of vehicles.
  • Telematics Control Unit with Web Dashboard for Remote Monitoring of Vehicles.
  • Customized Vehicle Control Unit Solutions: Hardware & Firmware design & development.
  • Purpose-built EV Chargers and DC-to-DC convertors, & AC-to-DC converters.
  • Cloud based custom-built applications for OEM’s and end users.
Industry 4.0 Solution

Industry 4.0 Solution

Digital Shark technology aims to be a key player in Digitizing the Manufacturing Industries with its Innovative Industry 4.0 Solutions, which provides remote monitoring of legacy ,analog and digital machines leading to Increase in OEE, reduce machine break-down, Optimize power consumption and tool outages.

  • End-to-End IoT solution, which will connect the plant floor to the Cloud enterprise to analyse, optimize and increase performance of Industrial equipment, Machines with aid of sensors and actuators improving end-to-end business processes.
  • Integration of Cloud enterprise to Market standard ERP systems such SAP.
  • Expertise in Cloud Technologies to provide customised best-fit solution addressing your requirement.
Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry

Digital shark have a stronger business impact through innovative technology solutions in aerospace industry. We offer extensive technological support to all the major players within the sector in power electronics and embedded systems.

  • Design and development of custom-built digital display cockpits.
  • Expertise in providing high voltage and high-power solutions.
  • Control Unit for Ramp System
  • A wide variety of technological and logistical objectives for Defense and avionics power solutions.
Marine Industry

Marine Industry

Digital shark provides its technological expertise for the marine industry in order to execute the control of the overall ship propulsion system. Our solutions include design planning, backup service and maintenance for the maritime.

  • Customizable HMI solution that displays system information
  • Design and development of VISUALIZATION SOFTWARE for propulsion control system.

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